7/8/2019: An Overdue Salute to a Wife

In December of last year, I shared a photo of a man named Peter Wiwcharuck. I identified him as the Canadian missionary volunteer for whom I worked during my 1967 “Summer of Love” spent living in DaNang and flying to sites in I and II Corps. I termed him an “unsung hero” of the war, and I meant it.
But Mr. Wiwcharuck was not there alone. His wife was with him, trying to keep a household in quite unusual circumstances, with little income. I have searched my photo collection, and the photo below is the only one in which she appears. I have also long ago forgotten her first name (she was just “Mrs. Wiwcharuck” to me).
Mrs. Wiwcharuck was very low key, and I didn’t take anywhere enough photos (or ask enough questions) while I was with them, so this photo of them behind some boxes about to be flown to DaLat—taken by me—is the best I can do. She deserves better.
To learn more my “Summer of Love” and my return to VN in 1970 to work with refugees, please check out my book, "A Spear Carrier in Viet Nam; Memoir of an American Civilian in Country 1967, and 1970-72", available on Amazon.

VN 3:15 Mr. and Mrs. Wiwcharuck with supplies.jpg