4/22/2019: A Major Player in the Drama

On occasion, even a Spear Carrier finds himself close to a major player in the drama. But it’s deceptive; you aren’t in the script, so you are just watching from a closer distance.
This photo was taken by me at Dalat during my summer 1967 volunteer work in Viet Nam for the World Relief Commission. I had made a delivery, and was at the airport hoping to catch a plane ride—Air America or military, it made no difference—back to Da Nang, when I saw a Volpar land nearby.
The white-haired man descending from the Volpar is Ellsworth Bunker, Ambassador to the Republic of Viet Nam from 1967 to 1973. I am uncertain whether the woman in the brown dress in front of him is his wife, Carol Laise, who was then U.S. Ambassador to Nepal. Dalat was a popular get-away location for both GVN/ARVN and U.S. officials.

VN Ambassador Bunker arrives at DaLat.jpg