A Spear-Carrier in Viet Nam

Memoir of an American Civilian in Country, 1967 and 1970–1972

McFarland & Co has published my new book! It’s a personal memoir of my times (yes, that”s “times”) in Viet Nam. It is like no other Viet Nam War memoir you will ever read. I was “in-country” for a total of two years and two months, but I am not a veteran.

The two months was my summer vacation spent as a volunteer for a Protestant Missionary organization. After my graduation from college, I spent a year learning to speak the Vietnamese language, then returned to Viet Nam for two years working to aid the people who suffered the most in this war, its Vietnamese civilian victims.

Mine is a unique story, and one that introduces you to an overlooked aspect of the Vietnam War. History is a part of this memoir; the history of “The Other War,” to “Win Hearts and Minds,” how it was waged and why we failed so spectacularly.